Learning French Online

There’s very little more embarrassing or nerve-wracking than being lost abroad, and not only unable to ask for directions, but unable to understand the answer even if you can make yourself understood.
Most of us learned a language at school, usually French, for a minimum of three years. However, school language teaching can seem dusty and dry, and perfectly-constructed sentences about the positioning of your aunt’s pen in relation to your uncle’s table aren’t useful in day to day situations.
Quite apart from being useful on holiday, a French course can be very useful to your career – just to state on your CV that you are learning a language makes you look keen to develop skills, and better your employment prospects.

But I haven’t got any time to learn!

tt takes time and patience to learn a language, and life often gets in the way. However, taking a French course over the internet could be an extremely convenient way to make use of short spaces of time throughout the week, rather than have to factor in not only a face to face lesson, but travel time as well.

I’m scared I’ll look stupid!

Studying French online is also a good way for the shy to dip their toe – introverted people are quite often put off group language learning with fear of looking stupid, or of not only speaking in public, but in a language that isn’t their own. The privacy of taking a French course with recorded material and online modules, which can be followed at an individual pace, and repeated if required, is particularly attractive to those that might have been put off language learning for reasons of shyness.

I just can’t afford it

French online courses are also generally cheaper, or at the very least, more cost effective, as missed classes can be made up in your own time. Many online courses offer a free introductory period, or even offer basic modules free of charge, so that you can see if learning French online is for you before you make a financial commitment.
Additionally, by utilising all the up to date technology that we have at our fingertips, there’s even more scope for using up those spare minutes here and there to learn French online – apps and other programmes that can run on a smart-phone or a tablet device mean that learning French online isn’t even tied to your home PC or laptop. By recording yourself and playing back your efforts, you can even compare your newly-acquired skills against examples on the internet.
Once you have gained confidence in your French language skills, using VOIP or other internet-capable communication programmes, you can use them on others in real time, as you might in a group classroom situation.

There’s no such thing as “no time to learn” any longer – learning French online is the perfect answer.